Lampard will be a great : Hodgson

Crystal Palace coach Roy Hodgson has hailed the performances of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard as managers early in their career.

“Frank Lampard has done a very good job, there is no question about that,’ Hodgson said.

‘The club have (also) done a good job in encouraging the manager and his staff to blood some of the players that had previously been out on loan. Everyone at the club deserves a pat on the back for that,’

‘I’m certain that Frank will be more than happy with how the team has started, the way the team has played and where they find themselves both in the Premier League and the Champions League. It is happy days for him I am sure.’

Hodgson added: ‘I always had a lot of respect for Frank as a player and I am pretty certain he will make sure the football world has equal respect for him as a manager the longer his career goes on.’

‘When he (Lampard) and Steven Gerrard went into management I had no doubt that they would succeed,’ the Palace boss said at a press conference.

‘For me it was a question of whether they would go to a club that would give them a chance to really show their great management material and are more than capable of doing the job.’

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