Lampard wary about upcoming January transfer window

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard is wary about the upcoming transfer window in January, especially when it comes to signing players and making budget spends.

‘I think you’ve got to be careful about being too reactionary – ban lifted and defeat to Everton – it’s quite easy to come to that conclusion,’ said Lampard.

‘Just as much as people at the start of the season who were saying we’ve got all these young boys, this is going to be no problem, we don’t need any players.

‘I think at a club like Chelsea there needs to be a balance. You have a strong squad which I believe we have but you have to look at can we strengthen.

‘And there will time times going forward, whether it’s January or next summer, of course we’re going to look at an opportunity to strengthen because we want to improve.’

‘I wouldn’t say my mind was set on anything to be changed.’

‘But you do learn from your players in tough times, not just in terms of what they do on the pitch but in terms of how their personality is.

‘That’s what the disappointment with Everton was.’

‘It wasn’t just we were off on the ball, we were a little bit, but more than that I didn’t like the fact there were individual contact moments throughout the game that we lost.

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