Lampard wants PL start to be pushed back

Frank Lampard has said that he wants the start of the new PL season to be pushed back. 

Chelsea will at best have a 3 week off before they have to start playing football again. 

“Even in a worst-case scenario that we don’t go through against Bayern, the 12th feels too early for me for the players to start playing again,” he said after the FA Cup final defeat against Arsenal.

“The players need a break. That is why we have pulled two hamstrings [César Azpilicueta and Christian Pulisic] and had players pull out of the game before this. I would like to think the Premier League would look seriously at that and hopefully give us a fair start next season. We deserve to be, as a Premier League club competing in the Champions League.”

Lampard also chose to remain coy on Willian’s future. 

“I have not got that answer,” he said. “I know the situation from the club’s end. I have a great relationship with Willian. He has been brilliant for me this season with his input and work ethic. I actually don’t know what that decision is. It is his choice and I respect his choice. He has been a great servant for Chelsea if he decides to move on.”

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