Lampard wants less attention on the sidelines against Spurs

This Sunday, Lampard is determined to not make it all about him and Jose – he wants as less attention to the duo as possible.

Chelsea is set to face Tottenham this Sunday. Lampard had spent some of his playing years under the reign of Chelsea’s then manager – Jose Mourinho. As a result, Chelsea fans are extremely excited to see Lampard pitted against Mourinho this Sunday. And sure enough, they are expecting a spicy game. 

“The problem with this is it’s not the me and José show,” Lampard said, quoted by Goal. “It’s a game against Tottenham. I want to beat him. I respect him and know what a top manager he is. He wants to beat me because he used to manage Chelsea, he used to manage me, and now he’s managing Tottenham and wants to beat us.

“I would always have big respect for all my managers. If I was to text or ring a manager, I’d always call them boss or gaffer. Even long gone. When you go up against someone like that, influential, I knew it was different.

“It was a good honour to go up against him, but I wanted to beat him. It would be strange to call him boss now. Now I am an ex-player, on this side of the fence, I won’t be calling him boss. But that doesn’t take away from the respect I have for him.”

“If you go to the fiercest rivals, the fans will give the answer. That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the history or don’t respect it. José Mourinho is a manager who wants to work. He took that opportunity. Mourinho won’t be too concerned about that, either.

“Look at the times he’s come back with [Manchester] United, it did look like [he doesn’t care]. We know it’s a huge rivalry. Probably, in my era, it became the biggest of the London derbies. It felt like that in the stadia and on the pitch. So possibly it is.

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