Lampard wants Chelsea to work on fitness

Frank Lampard took charge of his first Chelsea match this week.

Chelsea were held to a draw by inferior opponents and Lampard pointed to Chelsea’s fitness as a major issue for the result.

The new boss took over and has brought in a huge squad with him to the pre-season. He played a largely inexperienced and youthful squad and the youngsters delivered well.

“Fitness was our issue, we’ve been working hard on it, even this morning,” said Lampard.

“Fitness was always going to be an issue against a team that’s halfway through their season. We certainly pushed ourselves to the limit.

“The quicker we get there the better. It’s about individuals getting fit. Some of the young lads were really good.

“We want to get a level of fitness and intensity in their game.”

“I’ve enjoyed it, we’ve got great support over here,” said the former Derby County manager.

“It was a tough game for us, we’ve only been here for a few days. But I’m pleased with how we got on.

“I’ve been pleased with the players’ attitude since I arrived last week.”

Will Lampard’s team improve over the season?

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