Lampard Wants Chelsea To Sign Long-Term Contract With Willian

Frank Lampard believes that Chelsea winger Willian hands down deserves a new contract with the Blues.

The club is in discussion with Willian about reaching an agreement over a new contract, according to Lampard. The fact that Willian is over 30 proves how valuable a player he is to Chelsea, seeing as that most footballers over 30 aren’t given new contracts.

“I haven’t given up hope on it, the club are still in discussions with him,” said Lampard.

“We want him to stay at the club but I also appreciate the fact this contract for Willian is a big deal because of his age and where he’s at, I’ve been there before myself and I respect that.

“But the way he’s playing at the minute I think shows his worth to the squad and the group. It’s something I hope we can get to.

“Whatever way [it goes] with Willian, he’s been a great servant to the club and if we can get it I’ll be happy, if not I’ll wish him well because I’ve got a lot of time for him as a player and in the short term we can see what he’s doing for us. It’s ongoing is the short answer.”



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