Lampard wants Chelsea to be more consistent

Lampard is seeking some consistency in the Blues team currently.

Chelsea slumped to their 5th defeat in 7 matches. However, even more strangely in between the Blues got their wins from possibly their two toughest games, including the one away at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium against Jose Mourinho’s Spurs!

However, their form against the struggling teams and that too at home has been horrible. It has led to inconsistency in results and Chelsea have clearly struggled to break down teams at home.

This led to Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard complaining that his team has been far too inconsistent and had a real go at his players to start learning on how to cope with the performance pressure week in week out.

“It’s a clear statement that you need a form of consistency to come in the top four because it’s the Premier League – everyone is striving for it,” Lampard said at a news conference.

“We are in it at Christmas; people would probably have doubted that, so I think from that perspective we can be relatively happy.

“But if we want to stay there we have to move onwards and upwards, rather than look backwards, we clearly need to win more than we have won recently at home.”

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