Lampard urges Chelsea to focus on themselves

Frank Lampard has urged Chelsea to look in the mirror instead of focusing on the quality of their opponents.

The Blues are on a five-match win streak currently and Lampard wants self-assessment rather than league table positions to keep the players motivated.

“We’re looking in the mirror at ourselves,” he told a news conference ahead of hosting Crystal Palace on Saturday.

“Up and down are things you can’t always control – what will be will be with those teams. They have their problems or strong points or whatever.

“Ross has an ongoing issue, so he’s not in the squad for tomorrow,” Lampard said.

“It’s a conversation I’ll have with Gareth or Steve [Holland, England assistant] with Ross and everyone to see how it pans out for him over the next 10 days. I’m not sure on that one, but he won’t be in our squad.

“With Mason, he’s in the squad, and we’re giving him another 24 hours. We’ll make a call on that one in the morning [Saturday].”

Chelsea take on Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. The Blues are on a roll having won 5 games in a row and Lampard will want to make it 6.

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