Lampard unimpressed by Lloris-Son spat

Frank Lampard was one of the most composed players on the pitch.

And as a manager, he is not much different. The recently well-documented spat between Lloris and Son over the latter not tracking back may have been seen as ‘beautiful’ by Mourinho, but Frank is not an advocate of creating drama in front of other people. 

Speaking about a similar situation where Tammy Abraham failed to track back, Lampard said he will always prefer to solve it inside the dressing room. 

“Tammy gave the ball away and has to react better and yes, of course, I speak with the players when these things happen,” Lampard said ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Sheffield United on Saturday.

“It’s part of the development but they can only go so far. Some things in football are basic and they need to do better. Tammy gets us the goal that wins the game, I know his intentions are good, all the players want to see out the game. It’s a mistake that can happen to anybody.

“Reactions and work-ethic areas are where I would really come down hard, and I think generally with the players, we don’t have that issue. But we do make mistakes maybe sometimes with the youthfulness and that’s something we’ll work on and get better at.

“In terms of issues on the pitch, I’m not mad on seeing players fight like that. I think those things should at least be held for the dressing room. It can happen on the training ground, in the dressing room. I’m not an advocate of saying, ‘That’s positive, it means they care’. Every situation is different and sometimes I feel with players pointing fingers at other players… they better make sure their game is right as well and that they’re doing the right things.

“I think a good squad of individuals will push each other and it’s more of an unspoken rule – you don’t let each other down. I’m not mad on things being on show in front of everybody else like that, but we’re all humans and sometimes it happens and how you deal with it after that is probably the important thing.”

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