Lampard turns to smart Blues' fans

Frank Lampard has called upon the Chelsea fans to explain the situation of revolution at the club now.

“Some things take a bit of time with a new manager and new ideas but I saw a lot of signs of us switching the play and being a bit quicker in moving the ball.

“That is something I think fans appreciate, when the ball is moving a lot and quickly, with switches and crosses, making opportunities within the box. Against Liverpool, that is not easy and we did it.

“Chelsea fans are smart in terms of football. The older fans have seen a lot and those from the more modern era have seen a lot with different managers and different styles, but they are certainly now in a position where I think they are really behind us in terms of where we are at.

“That is a club with a ban that has lost Eden and two strikers from what we had last year in terms of Alvaro Morata and Gonzalo Higuain.

“Now we have younger players who I think the fans are very ready to be patient with. And they will need to be, but at the same time the rules always remain the same, if you show passion and fight and desire to play for the club, as we showed, then fans will respect that whether you win, lose or draw.

“That is why the performance was appreciated and when you lose, sometimes that is when you need it even more. It is that feeling of togetherness and now the players must take that on and show that every week.

“Of course we want to be consistent. When you have some youth in the team, that is always something that can improve but also fans want to see good football and sometimes the result does not always reflect that, due to misfortune, due to VAR, due to the other team being so strong.

“The onus is on us to take it forward, because I don’t want to talk too much without referencing the fact we lost the game against Liverpool.

“We want more wins and that is the responsibility on us going forward now.”

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