Lampard told to do a Mourinho

Paul Merson has told Frank Lampard to take a leaf out of the Jose Mourinho book.

And Arsenal legend Merson said: ‘Winning games is a hard thing to do when you’ve lost your best player, and one of the best players in the world in Eden Hazard.

Frank is up against it. I think he’ll get patience, but at the moment, I think you don’t always have to entertain. Do a Mourinho! ‘You sometimes think in a job: ‘Oh, I have to keep entertaining here, otherwise the fans are going to get the hump!’ ‘In the end, you don’t need to do that, you need to be clued up, take the three points.’

He told Sky Sports: ‘I like Frank, and I think you get experience as you go. ‘Would somebody else have played Mason Mount? He’s a special player. And now Tammy Abraham has four goals. ‘We only do this by learning, you don’t get five games down the road and say: ‘You’re out of the team,’ if they’re not performing. ‘You go back to square one like that. Patience, patience. These are young kids. ‘Man City and Liverpool are so far ahead of everybody now, this is a different situation. If Chelsea finished in the top four this season, Frank would get manager of the year, in my opinion.’

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