Lampard To Single Out Players Who Might Leave This Summer After Sheffield Disaster

There’s a high possibility of Frank Lampard replacing several players this summer.

This comes especially after the Sheffield 3-0 loss, which took everyone by surprise. 

“We were too slow with the ball, we weren’t even getting our wingers into the game when they’ve been fantastic since the restart,” said the Blues boss.

“We just tried to get some more control of the game, which we did have after that but we never looked overly threatening. They still had the counter-attack so it definitely laid  us more solid against their shape, but at already 2-0 down you make it really difficult for yourself. 

“It was disappointing,” Lampard added on the defensive errors. “Mistake after mistake. I’ve got to be careful not to over-analyse because you analyse, review and look forward all season. 

But it won’t be surprising for Lampard to single out some players who might be playing their last season at Stamford Bridge.

“What we have to do with that game is put it to bed. The only thing that matters now is that we fight for top-four, and we are in that race because how we have been this season.”

“We have to put this game away very quickly, but I learn’t a lot, and I won’t forget that.” 

Lampard won’t forget. Come summer, get ready for some surprising transfers.

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