Lampard To Rethink Squad's Penalty Taker After Jorginho Missed Again

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has decided to rethink who will be the squad’s penalty taker in the next game.

Jorginho missed yet another penalty – the second of the season – in the 4-0 win against Krasnodar in the Champions League clash. Although the match turned out to be good for Chelsea, it could have easily gone another way with the missed penalty.

Speaking at his post-match press conference, Lampard said: “Jorginho has had an incredibly successful rate of scoring penalties in his career, particularly at Chelsea.

“My feeling is that when you take as many penalties as he does there can be periods when you can miss one or two. I’ve experienced that as a player.

“I’ve no problem at all with his style of taking them because of the success he has had and Timo Werner I know is very capable of taking penalties, as we saw.

“We have other players that can so I’ll talk with them afterwards to see how we move forward but we have good takers at the club.”

Hakim Ziyech was also in the starting squad and is yet to become fully fit still from his knee injury at the beginning of the season. Ziyech made his first goal for Chelsea in the Krasnodar clash and Lampard was rather pleased.

“Hakim Ziyech was fit today, the first time he’s really been fit to start a game,” he added.”He has worked really hard to be fit and I was very keen to get his quality into the team.

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