Lampard to channel the Mourinho spirit

Frank Lampard has reportedly began his training regime the Jose Mourinho way.

The first time Jose Mourinho came to Chelsea, he claimed himself to be the special one. He drilled the Chelsea side full of talented players into winners and he did it through training.

Mourinho was the first man to come in, way before training started and set up everything from drills to cones and was actively overlooking the whole thinking process and the physical part of the training.

And one of his best players in training was Frank Lampard. Lampard was a player who was more than average on the talent scale but became one of the best in the world through training himself for years.

And now, Frank has taken over as boss on the pitch. Lampard has done really well in management in the one year as Derby boss and it seems like he is ready to take over at Chelsea the same way.

The one thing Lampard reportedly will do is train the team the Mourinho way. Both men are excellent and hard working managers and will do really well with players who are ready to put in the hard hours.

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