Lampard throws Drinkwater challenge

Danny Drinkwater has been thrown a challenge by Frank Lampard.

Drinkwater is due to resume training next week and ahead of the Blues trip to Turf Moor on Saturday, Lampard said: “In pre-season I worked hard with Danny and I think formed a pretty good relationship.

“I have a duty of care, as a manager coming in here, to work with all the players.

“Danny’s obviously had a tough time here in terms of his career because he hasn’t played as much, particularly last season, and he wanted to play.

“My idea was to be pretty honest with him up front, where we were, where he was, in terms of selection and pecking order and what the best was for Danny. The decision in the end came for him to go to Burnley.

“What’s happened up there I have not got huge control over, albeit I have made contact with him. And then he has been injured. I don’t think it is the story anybody wants. We want him to go there and do well, Burnley want him to do well.

“I think everyone’s approaching it with the right idea trying to do it right and now it is up to Danny, to be fair, himself, to really get his head down, train and do as well as he can because he is our player at the end of the day.”

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