Lampard talks about Gunners-Blues rivalry

Frank Lampard was a part of the Chelsea team, that helped turned the tide around against Arsenal.

It was the start of a famous tussle and Lampard recollects how they won.

“The evening was a turning point when we got that result because it gave us a huge amount of belief at that time,’ he confirms.

‘We had not managed to beat Arsenal in my first days at Chelsea because they were a really strong unit and they had been built up for quite a number of years under Arsene Wenger, and we were changing, we were young. That night gave us belief so it did push us on at that point.’

‘When I joined at Chelsea, Arsenal had the upper hand on us and had won league titles before I came here. As we managed to change that a lot, there was obviously clear rivalry, as you would expect with London teams anyway.

‘I enjoyed that side of it, as long as it is controlled and carried out the right way, which I think it was for most of the time. I think that rivalry remains. My role now is different, I am not on the pitch, the players have to play with controlled passion because that is what a derby brings.’

‘Some plans did up in smoke unfortunately in terms of seeing more family but we have to adhere to that at the minute,’ he says. ‘I think we all understand the seriousness of the situation, especially in the last week and the news and if you read the reactions and what we are being asked to do, there is a reason for it. I am fortunate that I can spend it with some close family but maybe not as normally as most years.’

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