Lampard sends message to players talking behind his back

Chelsea’s bad run of form has leaked news that there are some players talking behind the manager’s back.

Lampard has sent out a clear message to these people and what he plans to do going ahead.

“The players that are wanting to play, some of them will use that for really positivity but some not so much,” Lampard told the media.

“Maybe some will speak behind backs because that’s how life is, I can’t be concerned with that. All I can say is the players here I feel have a real desire to get out of this mini run of bad results and I can see that in them.

“If there are players that don’t have those concerns to get out of it then they have decisions to make, and if there’s opportunities that players leave it will have to be right for them, for myself and for the club and then that can happen.

“But if not we keep fighting and moving on because they want to play and contribute and I want to tap into the positive side of that.

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