Lampard says Chelsea are way behind City and Liverpool

Frank Lampard’s Chelsea stuttered to an embarrassing loss against a lowly West Ham United last night. 

The match was for Chelsea to lose and that is exactly what they did. Not to mention they conceded 3 goals against a club who had scored 1 in their last 5 matches. 

Despite all the attacking brilliance, it seems Chelsea is likely to get undone at the back and Lampard has openly accepted that they are miles behind the likes of City and Liverpool. 

“It’s something that has happened a few times this season.

“We’ve had opportunities to close gaps and jump over teams because of other results or whatever situation.

“But we haven’t done it and that’s a sign of where we are. We know we have a lot of hard work to do to get where we want to be and the reason the rest of us are chasing Liverpool and Man City is because of the consistency that develops over time. That’s what we have to work towards.

“It’s obviously frustrating but if we’re in that position it’s how you bounce back, how you move forward. We have Watford now at the weekend and games after that to try and carry on.

“We have to realise the position we are in in terms of fighting for the Champions League places and move forward.”

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