Lampard reveals Luiz situation at Chelsea

Frank Lampard has revealed that there is no bad blood between David Luiz and him after the deadline day saw the Brazilian leave Chelsea for Arsenal.

The new Chelsea boss appeared calm and relieved when asked about Luiz and was quick to pay respect to a player who had won so much for Chelsea.

The manager said: “We had some conversations over the last week, honest ones and the conclusion was that he should move on.

“There certainly wasn’t any strikes. I’ll make that clear straight away. And in terms of fall-outs, no, there weren’t. There were honest conversations.

“As a player, I always respected honesty from a manager whatever the news. And I think I got that back from David hence why he ends up moving on to Arsenal. There were no strikes.

“The day that David didn’t train was a decision that I made because we were in the middle of this where we were talking and it was quite clear which way it was going.

“But that was not a strike, or a punishment, or being ostracised at all.

“It was just probably what worked for that day and now we know the deal is done.”

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