Lampard reveals his plans for Werner and Ziyech

After weeks of hoopla about Chelsea’s new boys in town, Frank Lampard has revealed when we can expect to see Ziyech and Werner at Cobham!

Both players have finished their respective commitments from their previous clubs and are now officially Chelsea players as of today!

So what are Frank’s plans for the two attacking gems?

‘I’m in the process of arranging those plans now,’ he told reporters assembled on the Zoom video call, the new normal for previewing behind-closed-doors encounters.

They’re both in different positions in the fact that Hakim hasn’t played for a long time because of the Dutch league situation [being abandoned and declared void in April] and obviously Timo finished at the weekend.

‘We will formulate a plan for them which will look slightly different individually. I’ll decide in the meantime how it looks at the training ground, whether that means mixing with the squad or whether it means some physical work in the shorter-term.’

‘The first issue right now is how we finish the season, that’s my main focus,’ continued Lampard. ‘In terms of these two players, we have to make sure they arrive with good fitness and freshness levels for next season.

‘They will have a longer break than the players we’ve already got in the squad so I’ll take that firmly into account and when I feel it’s the right time to bring them in and around the squad this season, I can do that. If not, the absolute priority is making sure they’re ready for next season.’

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