Lampard retains confidence in Jorginho ability

Frank Lampard was an excellent penalty taker. 

The manager knows a good penalty when he sees one and it was him who put Jorginho in charge of penalties. However, the Italian fell behind in the pecking order and Werner has been put in charge. 

Now Lampard has reassured that Jorginho still has his trust. “With Jorginho, I didn’t doubt his ability in taking penalties. It’s normal when you take as many as he does for club and country that you can miss,” said Lampard.

“He missed a couple in succession but, as you saw, he took that penalty the other night for us, he’s confident in his style and confident in that one too. So that’s not a problem.

“And yes, he gives everything, as vice-captain of the club, whenever he plays, whenever he trains, how he acts, so I’m delighted with him.”

Chelsea are on an excellent winning streak at the moment and have been unbeaten in 15 matches. Their next match is against Everton and Chelsea will be keen to enjoy another win.

Jorginho has only missed two penalties for Chelsea since arriving to the club back in the summer of 2018.

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