Lampard reminisces over 2012 CL glory

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has talked about the emotional night in May 2012 in Munich.

It was the night the Blues lifted that Champions League trophy the first time. 

“You struggle to believe the story,” Lampard said. “There were so many sub-plots to what was the best year in Chelsea’s history.

“We were aware of being underdogs, and missing huge players. Robbie Di Matteo called us in for a pre-game meeting, and he actually had videos of all our family members sending good luck messages, whether it was our kids, or grans, wives, mothers, we sat there and it was tear after tear, emotion after emotion, and I thought it was amazing team management from Robbie.

“But we had something about us, and obviously we had the King in Didier. He came up with a header that nobody I think in world football could have scored, and then the winning penalty.

“Didier became a different person in those games leading up to the final. Even in the warm-up, he was caged, and that confidence rubbed off on those around him. That’s why he’s a Premier League great. He scored goals at the right moment to win you games.

“When Cech saved Robben’s penalty, I thought: ‘This could seriously be it.’ I was nervous stepping up for my penalty, and Manuel Neuer looked huge in the goal, with his arms up. I thought: ‘Side to side he’ll get this’ so I went straight for his face hoping he’d move out of the way! Straight down the middle.

“Out-of-body moment is the best way to describe it. I never felt the crowd at that point, but I did feel the pressure of the situation. It becomes a bit about you at that point.

“When Didier scored, it was chaos. The best night of my footballing life. It was an incredible night. For many a year, we’d be trying to win it, we’d lost finals, semi-finals, and it felt like the last chance for this group.”

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