Lampard reacts to Tottenham defeat

Chelsea lost their EFL Cup 3rd round match to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Blues took an early lead through Timo Werner, who scored his first goal for the club. However, the second half mirrored the first but for opposite camps as Tottenham took control.

They equalised through Eric Lamela and the match went to a penalty shootout. Chelsea missed with their final kick as Mason Mount’s effort was saved by Hugo Lloris to give Spurs a 5-4 win on aggregate.

This is what Frank had to say:

“We were dominant and we want to score more goals at that point because of the amount of possession. Couple of good chances, Callum had a good chance at the end of the first half.

Tottenham will have felt that hard and they changed their game to go longer in their build which meant that our fantastic press in the first half wasn’t as relevant up the pitch.

“They turned us round and made us run backwards, rather than pressing forwards and that becomes really difficult to be fair to the lads. We could have been better on the ball in the second half, maybe dealt with the physical nature of the Spurs game but it slightly changed the case of the game.

“They had chances in the second half but so did we. At 1-0, the second goal finishes it for us and we didn’t get that.”

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