Lampard passes verdict on Werner and Kepa

Frank Lampard has passed varying verdicts on two Chelsea stars.

While the English coach was happy with Timo Werner’s relentless performance, he was not shy to call out his expensive goalkeeper Kepa who committed yet another blunder last night.

However, Frank was clear about the fact that he will continue to support Kepa as well.

“With the Kepa situation it’s a clear mistake,” Lampard said. “A clear mistake that has cost us because at that point we go on to have a penalty which we maybe score. Those fine margins change games at this level. We have to keep working, Kepa has to keep working. He has to have support around him, that’s very clear. It was a clear mistake on the day.”

As for Werner, the German forward had yet another frustrating day in front of goal, primarily due to the little support he got. Lampard noticed the effort.

“Normally with new faces, you get a month or so of pre-season to work on your patterns of play and how you want to play so we have to have time. Every team that is successful in the modern day has had time and a process so now our process starts here.

“Last year was a squad where we couldn’t do much business so we worked and worked to come fourth. Now it’s a new start — our objectives are higher, our expectations are higher and that’s fine. It will take some time but today I saw a lot of character and spirit.”

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