Lampard not focusing on financial aspects of CL qualification

Frank Lampard has dismissed the notion that money for him is the deciding factor to qualify for Champions League.

“That’s not a question for me in terms of the money, the question for me is a football question – do you want to be in the Champions League? It’s yes,” he said.

“I’m not silly, I know those numbers and I have seen those figures and I know Chelsea in recent years have had years in the Champions League, a year out of all European competition when they won the league, a year in the Europa league so it has happened and this club is still here and trying to move forward.

“I solely think of it as a footballing matter in terms of wanting to get to the Champions League and, of course, if that happens, if sustaining that will help on that financial level, yeah.”

He added: “We obviously want to keep our top players, Kante is an incredible player and everyone knows that. That would be case by case, individual by individual. At the end of the day, no matter the quality of the player, you want players that want to be here at Chelsea and want to push and push and close the gap upwards that we have at the moment.

“That’s a question for the summer and something I certainly shouldn’t be dwelling on now. We want to keep our top players and in fact want to be adding to that to try and improve as all top clubs do.”

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