Lampard mouths off wildly at Klopp and co.

This is one to watch for Chelsea and Liverpool fans.

When Mateo Kovacic slided into Sadio Mane, the questioned remained – was it a foul?

Different people have different takes on it but Frank was very clear what it was. 

He could be clearly seen in a heated argument with the Liverpool coaches and ended up using a lot of words he would not under general circumstances. 

“No, no, I’ll stand up. Sit down you f***ing [inaudible],” the Chelsea boss replies as Klopp urges him to calm down.

“It’s not a f***ing foul. I’m not asking you, so shut up.”

Klopp continues to urge his opposite number to calm before the Chelsea boss turns on him, saying: “F***off you as well.

“Only title you’ve ever won and you’re f***ing giving it the big un, f*** off!

“I’ve had enough of it. F*** off.”

Of course, both parties after the match acknowledged that it was only in the moment that the foul happened and things got out of control. Liverpool went on to celebrate their title while Chelsea are now left in a worrying state from their last match and need at least one point to ensure Champions League qualification. 

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