Lampard - Leeds rivalry history lost on new players

Frank Lampard has talked about the Leeds United match and the rivalry surrounding it.

Chelsea and Leeds United have been rivals now for half a century which was highlighted by the nasty 1970 FA Cup final.

The two clubs are playing each other on Saturday night with the added spice of two coaches – Frank Lampard and Bielsa being wrapped up in the Spygate affair last season.

Frank understands and appreciates the healthy aspect of the rivalry but has stressed that his new recruits who have never played in England prior to this season, will not be emotionally riled up by it from get go.

“I’m aware of the rivalry myself from being a Chelsea player for so long and I know how the fans feel about it,” Lampard said in the build-up to the game. “That’s football rivalry in the Premier League between two huge clubs with a history.

“It’s hard for me to equate that history when I talk to certain players like Timo Werner or Kai Havertz. They don’t know the history so they can only look at Leeds at face value and see a very well-managed team that play with incredible energy and speed in their game.

“I don’t know if rivalry will come into it or not but it will be a competitive match because that’s how Leeds approach games these days.”

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