Lampard lauds Chelsea discipline in City win

Chelsea and Manchester City played out the most Premier League-ish game on Thursday night.

It ended with the Blues taking home all 3 points but Chelsea boss Frank Lampard will be a proud man of his young team’s achievement.

It was tough,” Lampard told BT Sport.

“When you come up against a team of Manchester City’s quality – in individuals, in the way they’re coached – for me, they’re the best, in terms of the way they play football, so great to watch.

“Pep and Jurgen Klopp are different class, hence why Liverpool are winning the league tonight!

“You always try and limit your errors, which there have been issues with at times, and you always try and capitalise [on your opponents’] but when you’ve got pace and you’ve got players like Christian who can get away from people and drive with the ball, you can do that,” Lampard said.

“We’ve had the ball more than any team I think, regularly this season in games, the bigger percentage.

“But today against Manchester City when they play a false nine and they’ve got bodies in midfield, it’s really tough so we had to tweak a little bit at half-time, suffer in the first 20 minutes of the second half, but I think we deserved the win on chances.”

“Olly [Olivier Giroud] has been great for us but when you think about attributes and I knew we were suffering and we needed an outlet.

“Maybe to press a bit higher up the pitch, it’s a lot of work we’re asking for from the players but at any moment you need your subs and you need people to come on fresh and bring energy to the team and I thought Tammy did that.”

“We had to work every bit that we could to try and get a result. We had to work defensively so, so hard and we did it, and we created the better chances on the night.”

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