Lampard admits he had mixed emotions on Chelsea's Champions League triumph

Lampard says that he found it tough to walk near his home without being congratulated.

Ex-Chelsea manager Lampard admits he had mixed emotions when Chelsea become European Champions under Thomas Tuchel. He said that it was difficult seeing the team win the Champions League final.

Former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard says that he found it tough to walk near his home in west London without being congratulated, which did irk him.

He continued, “The thing I found really strange because I live near the stadium and I was walking the dog the next day, I found it tough watching that game, anyone who works in the game knows that, I’m not sitting there with my Chelsea shirt on (smiling), but when I walked the streets here I had so many Chelsea fans come up to me (saying), ‘you were part of that’.

“When I got over that feeling I felt a sense of it has been my club for a long time and always will be and I should be happy with that, in a way. Once I got over that funny feeling of watching the game.

“It took me a while because the first few times I’d say to Christine (Lampard’s wife), ‘I wish people would’. It’s not my team.

“As the dust settles I can take some happiness from players like Mason, Reece, Tammy, some of the older players, I hate to reflect, Thiago Silva sent me a beautiful message after the game saying, ‘thanks for bringing me to the club and this happened’.

“People who work with the club, I’m friends with masseurs and physios and fans, when it settles you can absolutely look at that with a much more positive eye than the football side can sometimes take you.”

Lampard was also part of Chelsea’s Champions League campaign and he was the manager in half of the season 2020/21.

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