Lampard full of praise for Arteta after exciting match

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has praised his Arsenal counterpart Mikel Arteta after the match ended.

Arsenal has scored a goal within the first-half and things seemed low for Chelsea. But it turned around with an unforseen goal, when Arsenal’s goalkeeper missed the ball and it went into the net. The second goal was scored by Chelsea’s striker Tammy Abraham. 

Arsenal were in excellent form during the match, there’s no denying that, especially their side scored a goal within the 13th minute. The Chelsea boss praised Arteta for selecting such a great lineup, which made things very difficult for Chelsea in the first half.

‘When we played as we did at Tottenham last week, I probably would have questioned my sanity if I had come to Arsenal and we played four at the back and it had gone that way in the first half-hour,’ said Lampard.

‘For me the main thing in the first half-hour was not the tactics, it was the spirit and the fight. Arsenal were quicker, we were lethargic, they were brave, we were nervous.

‘We changed and it got better. ‘Mikel Arteta is not silly. He saw us play at Tottenham and found a way to pin our five back.

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