Lampard Explains Why Managing Is More Challenging Than Being A Player

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has explained why managing a football team is more challenging than being a football player.

Managing isn’t easy and one has to take care of all players, as opposed to a single player taking care of themself. Lampard was himself a player at Chelsea and now manages the Blues – and reveals how the two are wildly different.

“The life of a player is a bubble of selfishness to a degree,” he told BBC Sport. “The facts and reality is I realise now it’s much harder than playing in terms of it being consuming.

“The life of a manager is 25 people in the squad, staff in the building, problems with different departments. It’s so far removed from football.

“When you work for your coaching badges, you have to put time in. Then when you start doing it, you have to practise, you have to fail, get better, fail and have relationships with people you never had as a player.

“Players can easily sit there and say they want to be a manager, then they start the road and say: ‘Actually, I want to be a pundit.’ I respect it because being a pundit is tough as well but in terms of management I wanted to test the water.

“A manager gets 50 problems a day. It’s much more consuming but I love it and couldn’t live without it.”

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