Lampard explains hiring criteria of backroom staff

Frank Lampard has explained the policy behind hiring former Chelsea players as backroom staff members at Stamford Bridge.

Didier, Petr and Makelele,’ explained Lampard at a press conference. ‘What I want to do is bring in people not just because they played for the club but because they feel the club and want to be here with incredible work ethic.

‘Jody Morris is coming with me as assistant head coach. We have a close relationship. He has a great link with the academy, who were successful. We have a huge loyalty. Chris Jones as well, he will be with me as a coach. We know each other very well.’

Ahead of Lampard’s appointment, Makelele said of his credentials: ‘For me, it’s good the ex-legends come back to the club. I hope so. ‘I’m sure he wants to give everything for Chelsea. So, of course, I’m happy for this idea of the club to bring back a legend.

He’s ready. He knows what is needed to bring success to the club. ‘Frank is someone who is very professional, he focuses on details, focuses about the love he gives for Chelsea. ‘I’m sure he will be a great manager for Chelsea.’

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