Lampard does not want more CL games

Frank Lampard has said he does not want more CL games.

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard has said that he is against the idea of having more CL games.

The Chelsea boss whose time takes on Ajax said: “At the minute. ..I think the level is about right.

“The competition is good, we have the group stage, can we get through that… I like the format personally as a manager now.

“If you ask me can we play more European games, I personally don’t know where you’d fit them in amongst our busy schedule.

“I always find it hard with the players to keep the quality level and the freshness within the (team) so I think if we did do that there would be a lot of discussion about how that worked practically.”

Lampard has said that he is also a fan of the League Cup.

“We won it a couple of times at Chelsea and it was the first competition I ever did win,” he said.

Chelsea are back in the Champions League this season after an year of exile. Lampard’s men began their CL campaign with a defeat against Valencia but had an impressive win against Lille.

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