Lampard comes down harsh on Chelsea

Chelsea seems to forgotten how to win home games under Frank Lampard.

The boss was obviously not happy with the team’s repetitive mistakes and came down on them heavily.

“I learn about the players and I learn about the players particularly in games like that,” he said tersely.

It’s the same story,” Lampard said. “I’ll probably give you the exact same press conference as I gave after Bournemouth.

“If you’re an offensive player, play round the corner, join, mix up your game and break defensive lines because teams aren’t stupid – you need to do more in an attacking sense. Personality comes in – in lots of different ways. Today it was in a football sense: of finding and taking the ball into tight spaces and delivering something. We didn’t do it.

“If you are on the run we are on at home, there is more pressure because everyone talks about it. We feel it. People are coming here and respecting us as Chelsea because they are setting up in that way but we are not playing like the Chelsea that can break that down. It is a clear statement that you need a form of consistency to come in the top four. If we want to stay there, we have to move onwards and upwards. We need to win more than we have won recently at home.”

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