Lampard Clears Up Why He Left Pulisic Out Of Everton Loss

Frank Lampard has explained why he left Pulisic out of the squad in the Everton clash.

Chelsea declared defeat when they lost 1-0 to Everton and fans were left clamouring over why star midfielder Christian Pulisic was left out of the lineup. Lampard explains that Pulisic might have potentially injured his hamstring during training and that he couldn’t risk the midfielder in a game before it was properly healed.

“Christian has a bit of awareness in his hamstring,” Lampard said to reporters prior to the game. “He’s been training through the week but he felt some awareness and we simply can’t risk him.

“We have seen two wingers go down recently, Ziyech last week and Callum in training. We are coming up to a busy period in the season. As we keep saying, players are getting a lot of muscle injuries.

“Christian wasn’t quite ready, but hopefully for Tuesday night, we will find out next week.”

“Christian is a work in progress,” Lampard said ahead of the trip to Goodison Park. “I don’t want to call this an injury that he had in midweek. If the game had been a different type of game, then maybe I would have used him.

“We know his abilities and that’s very clear. He showed them when he came on against Leeds in midweek. I just have to find the best way of getting it out of him consistently. Christian had a tiny bit of awareness off the back of the Leeds game on one of his hamstrings but he’s training normally, so we should be as we were.”

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