Lampard - Chelsea slump will end

Frank Lampard has made a plan to take Chelsea out of this slump.

“I have to say my personality means that I’m weirdly quite strange, probably, you probably have to be to do this job at times,” he said.

“But when things are going well I put more pressure on myself, because I don’t like things going well because I’ll worry about what’s around the corner.”

“Now I find this more challenging in a good way in terms of my job, because I can find out more about myself, I can find out more about every member of the team, every member of the staff,” he said.

“And it actually makes my job more exciting.”

“I don’t think there was a season I played at this club, for all the success we had over the years, where we didn’t have difficult moments, and meetings, and a defeat, or a double defeat, or whatever, a run of bad matches, a bad month, a bad period,” he said.

“It’s part and parcel, so I’m the first one that has to be positive and get excited about the fact that losing games is the biggest chance to improve in football. It’s the biggest chance to get better.

“And when you’re a squad that’s growing and young and new and players that are coming in, those are the moments that test them and make them better players.”

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