Lampard believes Reece James has more potential than current performance

Lampard has to admit that Reece James has been up to mark in the recent games, but he believes he can perform much better!

“Yeah, that’s not new, that’s been in our recent form,” Lampard said about the youngster’s crossing ability. “I know he had a small injury and missed the game against Arsenal and Hull.

“He is a weapon for us with his crossing. We should have got on the end of them more, for sure, and he is solid defensively. When you think about his age, you can get excited about Reece.

“There is a lot more he can do, obviously, but I’m really pleased with the way he is developing at the moment.

“There are all sides to his game he can work. I’m not going to improve his crossing I don’t think, that is a bit of a natural one.

“But at the same time we can talk about his position, the link up with the winger who is in front of him, the midfield players, his defensive attributes, because that is first and foremost and making sure he is in the right position and recovers to the right areas.

“He is very open to that, and should be. As with the young Chelsea players are, they are sponges. They want to learn and are easily coached.

“And they want to be coached because they want to get better.”

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