Lampard Admits Willian's Future At Chelsea Is His Decision

Frank Lampard has admitted he ultimately has no control over Willian’s future.

The Chelsea winger has to decide his own future at Chelsea, according to Lampard. Further, Willian’s agent has confirmed he has had five offers from clubs already.

“It is his decision, I haven’t got that answer,” Lampard told reporters. “I know the situation at the club’s end. I have a great relationship with Willian, but I don’t actually know what the decision is.

“If that happens over the next whatever days, as he said, then that would be good for me in either way. Of course, I am very happy with Willian. He has been brilliant for me this season with his input and work ethic, within the squad.

“But it is his choice and I respect his choice. He has been a great servant for Chelsea if he decides to move on, and if he does decide to move on then Chelsea will move on and we have to look forwards ourselves.”

The Chelsea boss further notifies that he is indeed aware of the defensive issues in the team.

“Yeah, it’s true,” Lampard added. “The numbers don’t lie. We are trying to play a certain way. I know that teams at the top of the game, Liverpool and Manchester City, have been through similar. I’m not saying we are going to get to that level, but similar periods in the early stages of their managers being at the club a few years ago.

“We are conceding too much; it is a work in progress for me. I can’t shelve it in another direction. We have to work defensively as a group. But some of the individual errors we are making, clear individual errors, some today clearly cost us goals, can’t be there if we want to keep moving forward.

“We have to work as a group to make that better. That is clear; we are not hiding from that. We have come fourth, we’ve had a good season. There are areas to improve and defensively we have to improve.”

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