Lampard admits Valencia was a learning lesson for Chelsea

Frank Lampard admits that Chelsea has learned lessons from their defeat to Valencia, especially since it was at the start of the Champions League this season.

Valencia triumphed over Chelsea with a 1-0. However, if Chelsea wins over the La Liga side on Wednesday, the club will be able to qualify for the succeeding round.

“I don’t think it was them being raw, we have quality in this competition,” Lampard explains.

“The major feeling after the first game was the lesson that if you sleep for one moment you can lose. 

“We have shown moments where we have gone to tough places. The rules remain the same. It is a fantastic stadium to play football, but a difficult one.

“I believe in the group and the ability. I believe there is more to come. The loss in the first game has got us into this position. We have brought that knockout football earlier in the competition.

“The Champions League is the top level of European football. The prestige it holds. I loved playing in it. It is clear we want to be in this competition.

“I have watched a lot of Valencia, I expect a solid team. Having played in this stadium, it’s not just the team. It’s the support and atmosphere.”

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