Lampard Admits To Relying A Lot On Mason Mount

Frank Lampard has admitted that he relied on Mason Mount in the past – and continues to do so.

The Chelsea boss has scooped out some praise for academy youngster Mason Mount, who has 44 appearances across all competitions, which is not a small feat.

“I rely on Mason a lot. I did at Derby, I do at Chelsea,” Lampard said.

“He brings so much to the team in his work ethic and the way he can start up a press in midfield. And then obviously his quality on the ball, which is only going to get better and it’s already at a really high level.

“Mason wouldn’t have been happy going off at half-time. I know that because, a bit like myself, I know that when he’s not playing he’s not happy and if he comes off he won’t be happy.

“It was certainly a moment where he should be not happy that evening and then straight back to it afterwards because he knows how much I trust in him.

“He works brilliantly every day. And when I talk about Mason, I’m talking about Reece and Billy in the same breath.

Mount has definitely grown as a player ever since his inception to the first team and Lampard proves his point.

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