Kovacic talks about training difference under Sarri and Lampard

Frank Lampard took over at Chelsea last summer and the biggest difference from the previous manager was not the age or the playing style. 

According to Mateo Kovacic, it is the style in traning. The training method under Sarri as complained by multiple players before can get very monotonous and boring.

However, Lampard one of the modern day managers keeps the training exciting and different to keep the players interested. 

“I came to Chelsea under Sarri, but I must say that Lampard is an exceptional manager. He has kept the character he had as a player in his personality as a coach, which has inspired all of us,’ he told FourFourTwo.

‘He commits himself with everything he’s got. Training is always challenging and different from last season.

‘That’s probably the main difference between Lampard and Sarri, who made the concept of training quite monotonous. There were a lot of similar training sessions with a focus on tactical preparation.

‘Zidane was similar to the way Frank Lampard is as a coach, and their approaches really suit me.’

Kovacic has really come of age under Lampard and is one of Chelsea’s more influential midfielders this season.

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