Klopp tells Lampard to learn!

Jurgen Klopp and Frank Lampard had a tough showdown at Anfield the other night. 

While Frank mouthed off and apologised for it, Jurgen never saw a problem with it as it was part of the match. 

However, after the match in the press conference – Frank called out Jurgen’s coaches as arrogant. What did Klopp think about that?

“We are not arrogant. Frank was in a competitive mood, I respect that. Say what you want in that situation, it is pure emotion, he came to win and get Champions League qualification and I respect that a lot,” Klopp told reporters on Friday.

“But what he has to learn is speaking about that after the game when the whistle has gone is not OK. He is a young coach but that is what he has to learn.

“Final whistle, as a real sportsperson, you have to close the book in this moment. He didn’t do that and that is what I don’t like, honestly. The only reason I am speaking about it is because he spoke about it afterwards.”

Well, Klopp has definitely put his dig in – do you think Frank will retaliate or ignore Jurgen in the fight?

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