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Kepa Relieved With Spain Clean Sheet

Kepa Relieved With Spain Clean Sheet

Kepa is very relieved with his Spain clean sheet.

Spain drew 0-0 against Portugal and Kepa was chosen start before David de Gea and Unai Simon. Kepa finally felt enough confidence within himself, after struggling to come through at Premier League side Chelsea.

Kepa’s form at Chelsea had been rather poor, with fans doubting him – not to mention that he came for a very high transfer fee.

However, the 26 year old goalkeeper finally had a breakthrough during the Spain vs Portugal draw.

Kepa said: “I’ve felt confidence, at ease [with the national side].

“I think it was a good game and I’m happy with the confidence of the coach.

“When I’m needed to help on the pitch, I try to do the best possible.

“It was a game of great intensity.

It’s true that Spain was leading in the first half of the second. But in the second half, Portugal upped their game and Spain had to keep up to keep the score level.

“[We had] more control in the first half.

“In the second, we found it more difficult to control Portugal’s transitions. It was a good test.

“We have to be happy. We stood up today.

“We have to improve because we conceded a few clear chances, which you can pay for in a tournament.”

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