Kante's return to training after leave serves as beacon of hope for Chelsea

Chelsea fans heave a sigh of relief as N’Golo Kante return to training comes as a beacon of hope for the Blues.

Just a week back, N’Golo was set to opt out of the remaining Premier League season after he got worried over the spread of coronavirus and it’s effects. He missed 3 training session before returning to individual training, according to The Guardian, although still unsure about his role in the Premier League matches.

His fears were definitely not irrational. His older brother passed away due to a heart attack in 2018, just a few weeks before the World Cup started. Kante himself had fainted during training a few months back – although he was stated to be healthy after his checkup. Moreover, reports and statistics have shown that black women and men can be more susceptible to contracting the virus and suffering health conditions due to it – even leading to death. 

Frank Lampard was extremely understanding about this and Chelsea took the decision to fully support him even if he didn’t feature in any of the remaining fixtures.

However, Kante has returned to individual training and being one of Chelsea’s most valued player, fans are hoping that he will be able to play in the upcoming matches as well. 

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