Jose flanks Lampard as Chelsea cavalry attack United

Recently ESPN released a complete VAR performance table for the 2019-20 Premier League season. 

As the data was revealed for the decision impact VAR had on the points tally, it was found that almost all major clubs were either neutrally or negatively impacted whereas Manchester United led the table with +8 points!

It definitely has helped Ole’s man, maybe coincidentally. And now other PL bosses, namely Chelsea manager Frank Lampard and former Chelsea head and current Spurs’ coach Jose Mourinho.

“No. First of all I’m not looking to that fight, I don’t know mathematically what is possible for them,” he told reporters, as seen in the video below.

“I think they play the last game is between them [Leicester and United] and I don’t know if things can be decided there. I don’t know if Chelsea is in a safe position – I don’t think they are. I think they still are in this fight. If Manchester United does it, they will do it by playing very well in the second part of the season and when you play well you deserve, and on top of that everybody knows that they were a bit lucky.

“More than one time, luck that others have not had. We didn’t have, for example, that luck.”

Lampard sounded a similar horn – calling out United players for their luck in refereeing decisions. 

It has to be noted for the referees association that in Saturday’s crucial FA Cup semi final tie and the last two PL matches, such decisions come with better judgement and not out in United’s favor, as it has all season. 

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