Jorginho spills the beans on his secrets and habits!

Jorginho has revealed hundreds of secrets to his personal life and habits exclusively to Chelsea FC Official page. 

Here are the best bits from his interview!

Question 1: What was the first football kit you ever wore?

I can’t remember the first honestly, but I think it was maybe a shirt of the national team of Brazil. It was a gift from my parents. I can remember it from the pictures. All the kids in Brazil get Brazil shirts. It was no.10.

Question 2: When was the last time you wore a football shirt of a team you weren’t playing for?

It was a long time ago, before I became a professional. It was a Kaka shirt, a Milan shirt.

Question 3: What is an old football shirt you have kept?

I don’t have the shirts from when I was a kid anymore but I have a shirt from every season I played as a professional and I have every shirt I have ever swapped with another player, so I have a lot of shirts at home. 

He was also asked about his eating habits.

Question 4: What is the last thing you normally consume before bed?

Water as well! It is important. The last food I have in the day is probably pasta.

Question 5: What do you reckon you eat most during the week?

Eggs probably. And I eat bread a lot.

And his favourite thing to watch?

Question 4: What have you watched most often in your life?

There is not really anything I have watched again and again but the series I watched most quickly because I just could not stop watching it was Prison Break. It was like I was watching 24 hours a day until the end!

We definitely agree with you on Prison Break, Jorginho! Read the full interview on Chelsea’s official website.

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