Jorginho explains why it is harder to break teams at home

The Blues have had a better record of winning away than at Stamford bridge lately and the Chelsea midfielder explains why this is happening.

He said: “It’s easier away. For mentality, it’s easy because you know you have to fight. Sometimes you go on the pitch, when you play at home, a bit soft and that I think we have to change.

“It’s quite hard to win away, especially when it’s a derby and the feeling is crazy. But now we need to change our minds and win at home as well because we are losing too many points.

“Maybe it’s because you have more space, they are not just defending and they try to play.

“Sometimes we play teams that don’t want to play, just defend and make counterattacks and it’s harder to find space. We need to work hard to break that.

“You should push and break the lines, run more behind the lines. Sometimes we don’t do that, we want to play ball into feet and maybe we could change that. And again I say mentality.”

“The most important thing is that all the players can talk and help. Today I came on from the bench and could help my mates. The most important thing is the result because we worked a lot and I think we deserved it.

“When you play for Chelsea, we talk a lot about, ‘Young, young, young’, but we are in the middle of the season and every player has to take responsibility.

“Not just older players – of course the younger players need more help, but youth is not an excuse.”

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  1. Teams park the Bus! Referee’s give CFC nothing for years! Lamps used too shoot outside the box score unexpected goals! No one shoots! pass pass up to the box loose it ,never to the by line put everyone on side!


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