Jorginho Admits ESL Talks Distracted Chelsea In Brighton Draw

Jorginho and Thomas Tuchel both noticed a change in the squad against Brighton & Hove Albion.

Chelsea ended the night on a goalless draw which hurt their chances of a top-four finish.

“We tried hard to not let the last few days affect us but it has been two crazy days,” Jorginho told Sky Sports.

“We tried to do our best performance but Brighton did very well and we didn’t create many chance, like we usually do, and we suffered.

“Tell me who likes football in the world and who isn’t talking about it right now? It is a big situation so everyone is talking about it and that is normal. We tried hard and we tried to push but unfortunately, we couldn’t win.

“It was different on the bus tonight. It was a different situation where the fans had the right to do what they think is best. It is all new and it is all different and see what happens.

“The club see what the fans think. It is something about us, that is fact and we’re sure that the club will make the right decision. Unfortunately, it is something that we can’t do much about, we just need to support and hope the club will do the right thing.”

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