John Terry reminisces memories of Prime Mourinho

John Terry has revealed a special Mourinho secret, one which we promise Chelsea fans will enjoy!

The duo had a special relation during their playing days in their four full seasons, they won 7 trophies – 3 leagues titles, 1 FA Cup and 3 Carling Cups. 

Speaking on Instagram Q&A, he revealed one of Jose classic stories.

The story is about the 2015-16 pre-season when Chelsea had just done the domestic double with the league and the Carling Cup.

“We won the league and came back pre-season, first day, me and Gary Cahill kept giving the ball away.

“He stopped the session and said ‘you two, I’ll go and spend £100m on a couple of other centre-backs if you keep giving the ball away’.

“We looked at each other and thought ‘oh wow’.

“So me and Gaz now, we’ve gone round starting. smashing everyone in training.

“After training he came and put his arm around us both and said ‘That’s why you’ll be starting this season.’

“He knew exactly what he was doing, he was just four steps ahead of everyone else.”

This was the man who till date remains the most successful active coach in football, but for sure some of this charm is missing eh?

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