John Terry defends Jose Mourinho over crucial Chelsea mistakes

Jose Mourinho’s decision to not play Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah has been defended by John Terry. In a weird way, albeit. 

The former Chelsea captain, said that De Bruyne and Salah at that time were not ready to be Chelsea players.

“In my generation now I see people like Salah and Kevin De Bruyne come through and not being able to match his standards at the time,” the Aston Villa No 2 told Dubai Eye radio.

“Now they were very talented but very young individuals as well. But Mourinho didn’t have time to put them in the team or take out a Duff or Robben because we was winning every single week and his job is on the line.

However, Terry seemed to lost track of when these two entered the Chelsea team.

“So, like I said before if you come in and you are 10 or 20 per cent below the standard of Duff and Robben who were scoring 20 goals a season each. You are not gonna make that team, no chance.

“Fair play to them they’ve gone away elsewhere and proved they’re good enough but at that present time they wasn’t good enough for Chelsea.”

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